I am open to any type of collaboration.

The project can be in a group or a small contribution, where of course the corresponding credit is given to each artist.

Different Collaborations

· Stories
· Short film
· Comics (Webtoons, etc.)
· Blogs
· Magazines
· Text for illustrations
· Text for pictures
· Artistic proposals*

* Different, daring and ambitious proposals that are difficult to determine. Tell me your wacky ideas!


You must have a very - or fairly - clear idea of the project to present. I will not accept half-baked ideas without a proper presentation that helps me understand what the collaboration is all about.

Why? Projects are ideas, sometimes somewhat crazy, that occur in our minds. If we don't plan them well and give them some thought, it will be difficult for someone else to understand. To avoid wasting anyone's time, I advise being prepared.

Tell me your idea!

or you can write me at redactoragemma@gmail.com
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