All editing services in which the client provides me with their work or document are subject to their Copyright. As the editor, my job is to review and edit the document with the prior consent of the client.


Therefore, the editor does NOT have the permission or authorization to distribute or sell the client’s work to any medium or platform.

On the other hand, if the client considers it so for whatever reason or if the service is linked to collaborations, the rights could be shared if the two parties so agree, both from the beginning and during the work process.


All writing services, in which the texts are original and written by me, are subject to my Copyright until final payment has been made. Once the totality of the service has been paid, if this has been agreed upon when accepting the work, the rights will become the client’s.

Derechos de Autor

Therefore, the client does NOT have the permission or authorization to use the writer’s work in any medium or platform until the final payment for the service has been made.

In services, especially Literary or Audiovisual, where the texts are original and can be signed by the writer, it must be specified in the emails.


  • Works will be sent via email.
  • Communication with the client will also be done through email or Telegram.

If you have further questions, check the Q&A page or contact me.

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