Gemma with two “m”

Scriptwriter | Script Analyst | Copywriter

Gemma is a scriptwriter, script analyst and copywriter from Barcelona. She works as a freelancer for private, professional and media clients.

Specialized in screenwriting, she has a Master’s degree in Fiction Screenwriting for Film and TV.

Her writing is mainly focused on Artistic Services such as Literature, Audiovisuals and Comics, but she also works writing Web Content.

About her? Well, you could say she’s a millennial, a ’96 baby. Passionate about stories, she always has a buzz in her head, an idea, a character, a place. Yes, she is a conscious daydreamer. But she loves to get down to business; She really likes her work.

Oh, and sometimes she likes to write about herself in third person, but you better not ask her why…

script analyst
script analyst

“Writing a story is pure madness”


script analyst
script analyst