Literary Editing

Literary Editing Service for novels and manuscripts

Literary editing


From 120 €

The price will increase according to the magnitude of the project and the number of words

What does the service include?

  • Manuscripts of up to 10,000 words
  • Reviews: 2
  • Consistency in Voice and Tone
  • Structural editing
  • Rewriting or suggestion of sections
  • Development editing
  • Creation template
  • Deadline: 30 working days minimum

The construction of a novel or any literary story requires a process and detail that we can often overlook.

If you already have your first draft, but you think your story needs a revision and unmasking those errors that you haven’t been able to see along the way, I’ll take care of it!

A novel is the set of different components that, correctly aligned with each other, make up a story

What do I offer as an editor?

My job is to read your manuscript and make sure that there is consistency between all the components:


Dramatic Beats
Character building
Character arc


Narrative language
Voice and Tone

Before I get to the manuscript, I always ask the authors to tell me the story. What is it about? What happens? Why happens? What is the message? Why this story?

I want them to speak to me* as if they were telling me an anecdote, to go point by point and transmit those emotions that should later be reflected on paper.

It’s important to know the history we are writing and get excited when talking about it

Once I have read the manuscript, I identify everything that can be improved and I send the same document with the corresponding editings, bearing in mind, of course, that the work belongs to the author and they always make the last decision.

* All those introverted hermits with whom I identify perfectly, should know that communication can be written or through audio.


Will I be in contact with the editor during the process?

Of course. I want the final work to be what the client wanted, so communication is essential. You can write at any time via email or through my recommended method, Telegram.

How many revisions can the manuscript have?

Reviews of the entire manuscript will be two. But I can review small fragments where there are still many loose ends for the author.

Can I submit a manuscript with more than 10,000 words?

That’s right, you can send a manuscript even if it goes beyond the words established in the service. Keep in mind that if the number of words increases, the price will also increase. Contact me and let’s talk.

Can I ask for a shorter deadline?

The standard deadline is 30 working days or more. If a shorter deadline is required, the price will go up.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that I will only accept to edit original documents. I will not accept documents that:

  • They are already enrolled in literary contests.
  • May be involved in copyright issues, that is, I will not accept documents that come from a third person without their prior consent.