Script Analysis

“To be a screenwriter is to deal with an ongoing tug of war between breathtaking megalomania and insecurity so deep it takes years of therapy just to be able to say “I’m a writer” out loud.”

Blake Snyder, Save the Cat!
script analysis


10€ x PAGE

¿What is included in the service?

  • Script format
  • Feedback
  • Plot development
  • Dialogues
  • Deadline: negotiable

What does the script analysis includes?

  • Plot: Let’s review the plot and its coherence. From structure to dramatic beats, let’s take a scene-by-scene look to make sure there are no gaps in your story.
  • Characters: Let’s review your character building. Who’s the protagonist? Who’s the villian? Let’s look at their arcs and make sure there is a motive, a goal and a need for these characters to transform.
  • Dialogues: Have you managed to give your characters their own voice? Let’s review the information and nuances of the characters’ voices.
  • Make sure your script is ready before sending it to Production Companies, contests or Pitch calls!

Specialized in film screnplays – I have a Masters Degree in Fiction Screenplay for Film and TV -, my job is to edit fiction and non-fiction film stories, taking development into account; plot, structure, character building, dialogue and more.

I also identify formatting errors, as well as the position and good use of the elements of the script; scene titles, characters, parenthesis, dialogue, transitions, and more.

Working tools: CeltxStudioBinder

IMPORTANT: I ​​work with special programs for film script writing. If you are a beginner and do not know how it works, you can send it in a Word document, but keep in mind that converting it to script format has an added cost.


Will I have contact with the editor during the process?

Of course. I want the final work to be what the client wanted, so communication is essential. You can write at any time via email or through my recommended method, Telegram.

Can I submit a script longer than 120 pages?

That’s right, you can submit a long script, but if the number of pages increases, the price and the deadline will also increase. Contact me and let’s talk.

Can I ask for a shorter deadline?

If a shorter deadline is required, the price will rise.