Work Method

What will Gemma’s work method be like?

Easy and dynamic! I follow a series of guidelines to complete my work, ensuring order and efficiency. I can be flexible depending on the needs of the project, but normally hiring my services works as follows:

  1. Contact me and describe what kind of service you need. Do not hesitate to explain everything you consider necessary.
  2. I’ll determine if I can take over the job. (It will depend on my knowledge of the subject and availability at that time. We do not want you or me to waste time on a job poorly done)
  3. I will notify you as quickly as possible. In the event that I can take care of your job, I will send you an email with all the information and the budget.
  4. I charge half in advance, if you decide to hire the service, you must pay the first part of the payment within 30 days. Once the first payment is made, I can start working.
  5. I want the finished job to be what the client was looking for, so I may contact you several times to make sure everything is going the way you want. (Depending on the service, I can send drafts so the client can see how the process is going)
  6. Note: Important changes or new services communicated when the work is already in process, will be charged as extras.
  7. Once the work is finished and delivered, you must pay the last payment within 30 days.


  • Works will be sent via email.
  • Communication with the client will also be done via email or Telegram.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”


If you have any further questions about my working method, check the Q&A page or contact me.

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